Nathaniel Baker saw a Dutch ship anchored off the beach in Amagansett. What interested him most was in the ship's hold - great logs which had served as ballast. A plan began to form.


Nathaniel took a team of horses down to the beach where he was able to unload the logs and float them back to shore. The horses then pulled the logs to a site Nathaniel had chosen for his first home.

The year was 1680 when Nathaniel constructed the first house ever to be built in Amagansett. The house had only two rooms - one above the other, but Nathaniel and his wife Elizabeth lived there with their eleven children for three years. During that time, they built a larger house on another part of their property. In later years, their big house was moved to Town Lane (Alec Baldwin lives in it now) but the first house is still standing where it was built.

The home has undergone many changes over the last 300 years, but the two original rooms remain intact thanks to the support of the great logs.